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Madison Professional Firefighters Association
Local 4556
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(256) 261-1370
Dear Fire Fighter Supporters:

I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the Madison Professional Fire Fighters Association for agreeing to support our Fundraising Drive. It is your support that will help us with our many programs. Our association represents professional fire fighters in their efforts to take a pro-active approach to fire safety laws and community services throughout the state. We represent the individual members, not the agencies.

Contributions or donations to the Madison Fire Fighters Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. While our association is not a tax-deductible charity, it is a non-profit organization and we feel our programs are very important, too.
Your support means a lot. We sincerely hope that our actions will warrant your continued support in the future. The firefighters of our nation are rated as having one of the most hazardous occupation in terms of death and injury. Working with the citizens of the Madison area, perhaps we can change these statistics.

Daryl McMeans
President - Madison Fire Fighters Association
Madison Fire Fighters Safety Programs
Providing Fire Safety Coloring Books to local elementary school children that teach fire safety, fire prevention and how to escape a house fire.

Support of M.D.A./Jerry's Kids.

Fire Fighters Benevolent Fund which provides assistance for fire fighters during times of serious illness or a family who has lost a loved one in the line of duty.

Providing relief to citizens of Madison and Limestone Counties, during times of
natural disasters.

Providing Smoke Detectors to the elderly and less fortunate.

Helping Families that lose their homes to fire throughout Madison and Limestone Counties.

Educational Scholarships provided to local high school students wishing to further their education.
The Madison Firefighters work on these programs while off duty and do not receive payment.  Their goal is to cut down on the accidents and deaths caused by fire.  Perhaps with your support, they will achieve this goal.

Annually, an estimated 23,600 fires in residences are caused by candles and result in 1,525 civilian injuries, 165 fatalities, and $390 million in direct property loss.

Women are more likely to be injured or killed in residential structure candle fire.

December has the highest occurrence of candle-ignited residential structure fires.

Over one-third of residential structure candle fires begin in a bedroom.

Over half of all residential structure candle fires were started because the candle was placed too close to combustible materials.

We are proud to present our annual Benefit show 

The Prince & Michael Experience

Sunday, October 21st @ 6:30pm